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E650 CT Operated

The E650 is a 3 ph-4 wire CT operated tri-vector energy meter for balance and unbalanced load of accuracy class 0.5 for metering of industrial and commercial establishments.

Key Features

  • Recording of active, reactive and apparent energies.
  • Recording of instantaneous parameters -voltages, currents, Power Factor (total and all phase wise values), frequency, active, reactive and apparent power.
  • Compliant with BIS Doc: ETD 13 (6211) - Data Exchange for Electricity Meter Reading, Tariff and Load Control - Companion Specification
    - Supports Distribution Line Message Specification (DLMS) protocol
    - Supports below categories of meters
    1. Category A - Energy accounting & auditing meters
    2. Category C - LV (CT) bulk consumers
  • Recording of Load Survey with programmable demand integration period and selection of parameters.
  • TOD tariff registers for energy and demand tariffs with programmable time zones and rate registers.
  • History values for recording of various data for billing.
  • Recording of tamper events - compartment wise, with programmable persistence time and thresholds.
  • Backlight Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for various parameters
  • Accuracy: Compliance with IS 14697:1999,CBIP:304
  • Optical interface according to IEC 62056-21
    - For direct readout of meter data via Laptop/ desktop PC
    - For service functions of meter (e.g. parameterization)
  • RJ12 (RS232) port provided
    - For direct readout of meter data via laptop
    - For remote communication via external GSM/ GPRS modems
  • Battery backup for complete data downloading/ readout under power off conditions
  • Anti-tamper features built in for immunity against prevalent Indian conditions
    - Upto 500 events anomaly recording with snap shots
  • Installation aids
    - Indication of phase voltages, rotating field and direction of energy