Single phase advance electronic energy meter meant for residential consumer application.

Key Features

  • Supports advance technology of "E-Beam" welded shunt to ensure greater reliability over CT's and brazed shunts
  • Designed on L+G patented MMI technology for high accuracy and reliability
  • LED test output for kWh and kVArh (optional)
  • 7 Segment LCD display with backlit
  • State-of-art SMT technology
  • Measures active, reactive and apparent energy
  • Load survey of 90 days for energy, demand, voltage, current and PF @ 30min IP
  • Logging of daily energy snapshot for last 90 days
  • Billing history for 12 months
  • TOU metering with 6 zones and 6 rates
  • Tamper logging of 400 events (occurrence + restoration)
  • Tamper snapshot for voltage, current, PF, kWh and kVAh
  • Immunity to destructive tampers like 35kV and jammer
  • Field configurability of setting DIP/SIP, billing dates and mechanism
  • Test mode in CMRI and BCS for field testing
  • Galvanically isolated optical port for local reading
  • AMR/RMR through RS-232 serial interface
  • Complies to Indian standard IS 13779:1999 (with latest amendments)& IS 15959
  • Specific variant having DLMS protocol for communication